2020 – 2021 Fee Structure

StandardTerm I Fee in RsTerm II Fee in RsTerm III Fee in RsTotal
I, II, III54005400540016200
IV, V, VI61006100610018300
VII, VIII65006500650019500
IX, X76007600760022800
XI, XII98009800980029400

School fee should be paid at the South India Bank, Kuttanellur branch. Chalan for School fee will be available in the Download section of the Website and also in our South India Bank, Kuttanellur. Kindly mention your child’s or children Class to the bank officer, to get the proper Chalan. Please ensure to pay the school fee on or before the due date for all the 3 terms, as given below

School fee for the 1st Term should be paid on or before 10th June, for the 2nd term should be paid on or before 10th September, for the 3rd term should be paid on or before 10th January of the academic year. Failing which a fine will be charged along with the school fee and the subsequent actions are subject to School management decision only.

Fee Norms

Fees are collected according to CBSE and State norms.